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We all know that Green Cross is a symbol with which mainly we identify pharmacies, but few are those who know the meaning of this symbol.

What is Green Cross?

The difference between the Green Cross and the Red Cross.


Green Cross is a symbol of nature and life. To represent life in a spiritual sense there is no more suitable colour than green. Generally today, a green cross has a secular meaning and the most common use is health care. In particular, the green cross represents First Aid.

The Red Cross of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is an emblem protected under the Geneva Conventions Act and cannot be used without permission. Contrary to popular belief, the Red Cross is not a public-domain First Aid symbol.

The International Standards Organization recommends that a white cross on green background is used as a First Aid symbol. A variation is a green cross on white field, recommended by ISO, it is still widely recognized as a first aid symbol.

In Germany, for example, is the Deutsches Grunes Kreuz e.V. (German Green Cross) was founded in 1948. It does not restrict itself to human health, but also has concern for the protection of animals and plants.

In Korea is the headquarters of the Green Cross Corp, named as such since 1971, and whose main business is pharmaceuticals.

In Japan a flag with a green cross (midori-juji) on a white field is frequently flown on construction sites and factories to encourage workers to remember health and safety. It also appears on badges and arm bands for the same purpose and is occasionally seen as a cross-within-a-cross.


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